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Notes about KUR Dressage Musical Freestyles

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Thank you for visiting. Some of you have been regular readers of this blog for several years now and I appreciate your support and feedback. Feel free to EMAIL me your suggestions or corrections.

If you are just starting to show your first Dressage Musical Freestyle, welcome to the exiting world of dance, horses and music. I am a big fan of KUR, Dressage Musical Freestyles - a form of dressage show test when the horse and rider perform dressage movements to music.I get lost in the music of Dressage Musical Freestyle Test and dance with my horse, it really feels like flying in the same rhythm with the same heart beat. Riding Dressage Musical Freestyles is a beautiful feeling. Below is my journal of my dressage musical freestyle journey that I started in 2004 and what I learned from it.

Judging Dressage Musical Freestyles, KUR
Musical Freestyle or KUR judging can be subjective, still there is a set of rules for dressage judges to follow. Read report from KUR Musical Freestyle session of the USDF "L" dressage judging program written by Ivetta Harte, USDF "L" dressage judge training program graduate with distinction.

Musical Freestyle USDF "L" Dressage Judging Program Report


Dressage Musical Freestyle for Spectators:

  • 2007 Dressage World Cup - World Competition for the best Dressage Musical Freestyle in the world. The 2007 Rolex FEI World Cup™ Finals at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Recommended Dressage Musical Freestyle Resources:

Inspirational Dressage Musical Freestyle Videos:




For my birthday, my hubby gave me a new Dressage Divas, Freestyle To Music software program and a couple of books on dressage musical freestyles. Even though he was the one who was complaining that he can't listen to my endless computer editing of the same old same old music a couple of years ago, he claims that he is willing to go through this music dezavu again. New this year is the Equimusic, Freestyle Music Database for the walk, trot, and canter gaits should make it much easier to find the correct music. Also the new Dressage Divas, Freestyle To Music should make it easier to edit music, create the choreography, follow the rules and even practice in the virtual arena.


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