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How to Avoid Saddle Sores from Sitting Trot!

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Advice how to prevent friction saddle soars, saddle chaffing, saddle rubs, rider saddle seat bone sores, horse riding saddle burns, Weaver's bottom, rubbing and bruising while horseback riding.

Saddle fit:

Look at your saddle what twist it has, it may just hit you right on your pubic bone. Idea how to determine what type of saddle you need: in a pair of jeans (with a center seam) sit in a flat wooden chair, then put your legs and torso into riding position. Test if you can fit a few fingers vertically between the center seam and the chair, you should be more comfortable in the steeper rise saddles. If you can't fit any and you are sitting on your center seam, you want a shallower seat rise in the front and may be even a size larger saddle.

Make sure that you are sitting on your butt bones as well, do not overload your pubic bone by leaning forward, or bracing against the saddle pommel.

Saddle leather:

Make sure that you saddle is not slippery. You don't want to be sliding back and forth creating more chaffing. Apply beeswax based product on your saddle to make leather less slippery. For example Effax Leather Balsam. Be careful not to over apply it, it will create a residue that can be cleaned with any saddle soap.

For saddle soap, try using glycerin based saddle soap.

You can also apply sticky saddle sprays to make your saddle sticky such as Guter Sitz-Tite Spray or Effax Leather Grip Stick.

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Riding Breeches:

Take your breeches and look inside on the seam: the seam should be folded out flat to both sides and NOT stitched together to create a big nut where all 4 seams meet (like in jeans). For example, Pikeur breeches have flat seams at the seat that doesn't’t rub, but spread out flat with no nuts.You do not want a seam like in Jeans, that will rub. Try to look for breeches with smooth seams that will not rub.

Buy a padded biker briefs like Andiamo women's Padded Brief. You can also buy them in the bike stores.

Get no-ride-up, no wedgy sports underwear with out seams with lightweight moisture-wicking fabric like Patagonia underwear or check out Riding Right No-Show panties. Some preferUnder Armour compression shorts.

Avoid riding in non-sports boy-shorts or thongs.


Get an anti chaffing stick like Bodyglide that protect against saddle sores, chafing, blisters and skin irritation in sensitive areas. You can also try Anti Monkey Butt Powder. Apply it right before your ride on saddle rubs.

Apply baby diaper rash cream, ointment overnight. Wash it off at the morning. You may also try Cruex spray.

Make sure to use a very mild non-soap soap like Cetaphil Bar or other non-soap soaps such as Band-Aid Antiseptic Wash, Hurt-Free available in your local pharmacy.

Remember, you have to let it heal, before you start sitting trot again. Next time, as soon as you start rubbing it, stop sitting ASAP. Try to avoid sitting trot during your monthly period as well, it's easier to get saddle sore at that time of the month for women.

If you have blisters inside your knees, use mole skin and then Bodyglide.

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