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Meet Dressage Art Award Winning Artist Ivetta Harte

ivetta harteHorse artist Ivetta Harte gets inspiration for her paintings from the daily horse life around her. "Dressage is so beautiful, I'm drawn to paint it, to picture the grace of those gorgeous horses and dedicated horse riders." Each horse art painting takes several weeks to complete and has three distinctive stages. The first part of equestrian oil painting is research of the subject, hours of horse observation (or years), taking photos of horses and horse riders, art composition and pencil sketches. After equestrian artist Ivetta Harte is satisfied with all of the components of the future painting, she picks up her art brushes to bring the blank art canvas to life. This is when equestrian painting can be called done, however equestrian artist Ivetta Harte believes in the very important final stage: finishing touches. When an artist or even a dressage rider concentrates on one painting or one dressage movement for a long time, important parts can be overlooked. Ivetta Harte puts the "finished" horse painting away for several weeks. After a while of not looking at the horse painting she brings it back and paints the finishing touches with a fresh eye. "I take a lot of pride in my work, every painting has the horse story and a equestrian dream behind it. Dressage deserves to be celebrated and immortalized in Fine Art Paintings". Equestrian artist Ivetta Harte is an art member of American Academy Of Equine Art, Equine Art Guild, and Equine Photographers Network.

horse art
horse art
horse art
horse art
horse art
horse art
horse art

Equestrian artist Ivetta Harte accepts commission work for oil paintings and works closely with customers to ensure their satisfaction. Prices start from $500 and up. Please contact me for further information.

Ivetta Harte is a USDF "L" dressage judging program graduate with "Distinction" and USDF Bronze Medallist. Ivetta Harte, has more than 20 years of experience in dressage. Shown to FEI YR in Europe, she currently shows at 4th Level Dressage on her self-trained SWB mare Zena. Ivetta believes in the practical application of dressage, and training for better harmony between horse and rider. Ivetta strives for a stress free dressage journey that is enjoyable for both partners.

horse artist
Photograph by McCool Photography
Ivetta Harte is a member of USEF United States Equestrian Federation, USDF United States Dressage Federation, CDS California Dressage Society, and San Francisco CDS Chapter. Ivetta Harte is an active volunteer dressage show scribe for the Northern California Dressage Community.

Equestrian award winning artist Ivetta Harte been working as a professional artist since 1986. Ivetta Harte worked as a professional artist in the Fashion Industry, Computer Graphics, TV Commercials, Movies, and Video Games. Her paintings can be found in private collections throughout the world. Mrs. Harte’s credits include "Lord of the Rings", "Bond 007, From Russia with Love","The Godfather" and others. Ivetta Harte's Artwork was featured on BBC, USA Today, MTV and Spike TV. She has a BFA - Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Traditional Fine Art from Moscow and a BFA in Intermedia Art from Herberger College of the Arts from Arizona State University with 4.0 GPA. Photo of Ivetta Harte and her family during a 2007 vacation.

horse art

• 2009 - Oil Painting "PebbleBeach Piaffe " by Artist Ivetta Harte is featured on the cover of equestrian magazine "Topline Ink" Equestrian Magazine on July, 2009.

• 2008 - Published several articles in "Topline Ink" Equestrian Magazine:

April 2008 - "Correct Dressage Training & Solid Basics for Training"
May 2008 - "Tips for Memorizing Dressage Tests"
June 2008 - "Trot Triangles"

To read articles please CLICK HERE

• 2008 - Oil Painting "Woodside Working Trot" is selected for the cover of the 2008 USDF Directory.

• 2007 - Oil Painting "Woodside Working Trot" is a Grand Prize Winner for United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Art Contest and a First Place Winner for USDF Artwork Division Contest. USDF Webpage

• 2007 - Oil Painting "Spring Half Pass" displayed at the The Voice of the Horse Art Exhibit.

The Voice of the Horse project conducts research and education about the different ways we learn from and interact with horses. This is the only project of its kind to explore the horse-human relationship in depth.

horse art

• 2007 - Oil Painting "Winter Pirouette" by Horse Artist Ivetta Harte is featured on the cover of Americas oldest equestrian magazine Chronicle Of The Horse on January, 2007.

"The Chronicle of the Horse has been blessed over its rich history to have some of the finest equestrian writers the world round putting ink to paper. We would love to share with you this rich history, a wonderful journey from our beginnings in 1937 to the present." (quoted from the statement)

horse art

• 2007 - Oil Painting "Spring Half Pass" by Horse Artist Ivetta Harte is featured in official USDF 2007 Calendar

"United States Dressage Federation was established for the purpose of promoting and encouraging a high standard of accomplishment in dressage throughout the United States, primarily through educational programs." (quoted from the statement)

horse art

• 2006 - CDS, California Dressage Society awarded the East Bay CDS Chapter Website, designed and maintained by volunteer Ivetta Harte, with a "Best CDS Website Award" for 2006, presenting chapter with a $500 Best Website Award check.

"The California Dressage Society, formed in 1967, is a non-profit organization to further the interest in the equestrian sport called Dressage. It is now one of the largest dressage organizations in the nation with more than 4,800 individual members in its 36 Chapters." (quoted from the statement)

horse art

• 2006 - Equestrian Artist Ivetta Harte's oil paintings were featured in the 2 page article in CA Riding Magazine

"California's finest all breed, all discipline equestrian publication and #1 California's Equine Directory for 20 years." (quoted from the statement)


• 2005 - Into the Pixel 2005, International Academy of Interactive Arts presented by Spike TV

"Into the Pixel is the industry’s most prestigious opportunity to showcase the art of the game, and celebrate the artists whose talent creates these stunning images. Artists from around the world submit their best work, hoping theirs will be one of the 16 pieces of art selected by the jury for each year’s Collection. News stories have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter, Reuters, AP, dozens of web-based media – as well as being featured on US, Austrian and Spanish radio, French television, and newspapers in England, Poland and countless others in the US and abroad" (quoted from the statement)


• 2000 - 21st Annual Telly Awards, 2000: Special Effects Silver Award Winner.

"The Telly Awards honor the very best cable television programs, finest video, commercials and other TV productions. Our mission has been to strengthen the visual arts community by inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity." (quoted from the statement)


• 2000 - 21st Annual Telly Awards, 2000: Public Service Announcement Bronze Finalist.

"The Telly Awards honor the very best cable television programs, finest video, commercials and other TV productions. Our mission has been to strengthen the visual arts community by inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity." (quoted from the statement)


• 1999 - WorldFest International Film Festival: Grand Award in the TV/Commercials Division, 1999.

"WorldFest is the oldest International Independent Film & Video Festival in the World. The mission/vision statement of WorldFest is to recognize and honor outstanding creative excellence in film & video, to validate brilliant abilities and to develop film production. All members of the WorldFest staff are filmmakers." (quoted from the statement)

Ivetta Harte keeps four educational blogs:

*** Dressage Scribing 101 *** USDF "L" Judging Program *** KUR Dressage Musical Freestyle *** DA Art Blog

Equestrian Artist Ivetta Harte donated to the following non-profit equestrian organizations nationwide:

*** The Pacific Association Of The Andalusian & Lusitano Horse *** East Bay Chapter of California Dressage Society *** Albany Therapeutic Riding Center Inc *** CDS Junior Young Rider Championships *** Lendon Gray Youth Dressage Festival *** Maryland Potomac Valley Dressage Association *** USDF Convention and Symposium *** San Francisco Horsemen's Association *** Dressage Association Of Southern California, DASC *** Horse's Honor *** CANTER New England ***

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